Real property disputes often involve high stakes. The lawyer you choose to solve your real estate problem can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. The Reno Civil Lawyer, attorney Lee Hotchkin is dedicated to resolving property disputes efficiently to control the costs of litigation, but will not hesitate to battle in court to protect your property interests.

Homeowners and businesses throughout the Reno and Northern Nevada rely on our substantial knowledge of property law, and wealth of experience in resolving complex disputes, to protect their property rights. Our devotion to thorough preparation, diligent case analysis and tenacious advocacy are clear assets for property owners who are involved in property disputes.

There is a wide range of problems that can have an adverse impact on your investment, enjoyment of your property and rights as a homeowner that may require the services of a seasoned property dispute resolution attorney. We are here to help. For nearly 36 years, Lee Hotchkin has helped homeowners protect property rights with our exceptional trial skills and our command of the substantive issues involved in Nevada real estate litigation.

We have experience effectively solving problems across the spectrum of real property litigation, including:

Boundary line disputes and encroachment claims
Easement disputes
Claims of adverse possession
Land ownership disputes
Trespass or nuisance claims
Misconduct in real estate transactions, including disclosure issues
Eminent domain litigation
Disputes involving homeowners associations

Disputes between neighbors are not uncommon. They can result from simple actions. Adding improvements to property can cause problems if neighbors have differences over the property line. The placement of a new fence or pool near a property line may be based on inaccurate, outdated surveys. High-rise additions to a home, or new landscaping involving large trees, may block a neighbor's view, leading to litigation between neighbors.

Historical uses of property may lead to disagreements over current or future planned uses of an area of land. A neighbor may claim that he or she has acquired a prescriptive easement for a road, power line or some other purpose based on past experience. Lee has substantial experience helping homeowners resolve complex property disputes while zealously guarding our clients' property rights.

Whether representing the rights of homeowners when the Truckee River Canal embankment failure and resulting flooding. The overflowing and breach of the canal resulted in more than 800 homes being flooded. Or representing the deposit holders of Montage when the original developer went bankrupt, Lee has succesfully represented the interessts of real property clients and recovered millions of dollars in awards on their behalf.

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